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[EST. 1988] Los Angeles, California

Hello! My name is Alexandra, but most people who know me call me Ally. I recently moved to the Boise area after spending the last few years of my life in Idaho Falls, Twin Falls, Queen Creek Arizona and Aroostook County Maine. Idaho has become like home to me, and it feels so good to be back! At a young age it became very obvious that I am a traveler, I love to think of mysenlf as a citizen of the planet and not so much a rooted tree – swaying in one place. Each of the places I’ve lived has a piece of my heart, so much so that I routintely travel back to many of them to see my clients yearly. This year, I am very happy to be back in a place that feels the most like home. 

I’m a mother to 7 beautiful children, I gave birth to 5 kids plus a set of twins. Motherhood has been my life’s greatest accomplishment and is something that truly makes me happy. My last pregnancy resulted in two very sweet identical twin boys. Argon & Aldridge were born at 32 weeks due to a heart condition and spent 38 days in the NICU. Mothering preemies was something that I hadn’t done before. Later on we were given the news that they have a condition called albinism, where they lack pigment in their hair, skin and eyes. Albinism also contributes to visual impairment to some degree, life with the twins has presented a learning opportunity and raising awareness for such a rare disorder.

In 2022, I went through a divorce from the father of my children, while at the moment I felt like life was hard to understand and some days were worse than others, I now feel as though that was a part of my story and has helped shape me into the woman that I am today.

Joie de vivre is a French phrase often used in English to express a cheerful enjoyment of life, an exultation of spirit, and general happiness.

A friend of mine once described me as the phrase above – something I believe to be true. Afterall, the name Art of Brio comes from the idea that life should be lived with enthusiasm. In my spare time, I love watching the sunset. I know that sounds pretty cliche, but I personally try to make it a point to see as many sunsets as I can. Photography has helped me to achieve this as most of my sessions take place within the last hour of the day. Other things that bring me joy are; Learning, reading, coffee from Goldy’s Breakfast Bistro, hiking, yoga, great food, traveling, and anything creative. 

Health and wellness are a huge part of my life, for the last 2 years I have worked alongside chiropractors at various offices. I believe that chiropractic care should be the foundation of wellness and is life-changing. I currently work as a manager for a thriving chiropractic office in Meridian. Though I am a small piece of the puzzle, I believe that I am a part of a bigger picture when it comes to helping those in my community to live better.