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While my work is mostly about other people, some might wonder who I am before we meet. My husband is my highschool sweetheart and together we have a big family of 7 children. Our last pregnancy gave us a couple of twin boys with a condition called Albinism. This comes with lifelong visual impairment and skin sensitivity due to a lack of melanin in their hair, skin and eyes. You’ve most likely seen a person with this condition in movies, they are labeled as “Albinos.”

Throughout this website and on social media, you will see lakes, waterfalls, beautiful mountain ranges, the spicy desert and beaches. That is because I am primarily a travel photographer with around 70% of my clients living in states beyond my own. I prefer to travel for work because it gives me a chance to see the world and connect with clients with different lifestyles and backgrounds.

I love to volunteer my time and talent to organizations like The Gold Hope Project, an organization that pairs photographers with families suffering from the impacts of childhood cancer.

Additionally, I enjoy working with military families and often donate my time for homecomings, ceremonies and funerals to those who selflessly gave their time to protect our country. I also love visiting NICU babies, and helping families to raise awareness for special causes and more. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have a special circumstance and would like to work together on a project like one listed above.

I am an open book, if you have questions about anything at all – or you’re looking for a specific session type that it seems I have not yet done, please send me a message! I love new challenges, they are what have made me the artist that I am today.

Every day is a celebration of life |
Ally McNallen

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What We Offer

Flexible scheduling

I am a full time photographer and love the work that I do, I am also familiar with lighting throughout the day which gives us more room for appointments.

Charity Work

I feel fortunate to have been blessed with a talent that brings emotion to others, so I volunteer my time for members of the military and others.

Excellent Customer Service

I’m a people person and I love to make others happy, you can see reviews about my work on Facebook.


I strive to make every session special and unique in their own way. Even when we offer mini sessions, I try to make sure that every single one is different.

Award-Winning Skills

My work has landed several awards over the years, primarily when it comes to passion projects and giving back.

I listen

Listening to you is the first and singlemost important part of our partnership, I want to hear what you have to say, and how I can help.