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How far in advance should I book with you?

For wedding photography I take bookings no more than 365 days out simply because of how life has been changing so rapidly lately.

For session photography, my clients typically like to book around 4 months out, but I am totally the spontaneous type, and have taken clients on a same day booking.

Do I need to put money down to hold a date?

Yes! A retainer fee is asked for at the time of booking, this is like a handshake between me and you so that we can both begin planning in good faith. Retainer fees are non-refundable.

When is the final payment due?

You can pay for your entire session at the time of booking, or you can make the final payment on the same day as your photography session.

How many images will I receive?

Each collection comes with a set amount of images for the price point, this is the minimum amount of images you’ll receive, but I always deliver more.

How and when will I receive my images?

Your images will be delivered within 2-3 weeks of your photography session or event, I will send over an email with the online gallery.

What should I do with the images when I receive them?

I always suggest that my clients download the images right away, the images are only available online for 1 week, so downloading them right away at least one time helps to combat the issue of the gallery timing out. I suggest downloading your images as many times as you’d like and saving them to three places;

Your hard drive |

A flash drive | (pick one up at the store before your session)

A cloud service | Google Drive is free if you have a gmail account, Amazon is also great!

If you are unable to download your images or they are lost, a $45 fee applies to gallery re-uploads.

What is a print release, and why do I need one?

Local print companies such as Walmart, Sam’s Club & Walgreens will require you to furnish proof that you have permission from your photographer to print your images. While I don’t recommend printing at one of these vendors, I understand being in a bind and needing a print product faster than the professional labs can offer them.

Where should I have my photos printed?

I love, that is the lab that is calibrated with my monitor, and the company that I use for my printed work at home. mpix has fast turnaround times and their work is hand-inspected before packaging to make sure all is well.