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Mentorships | Business Q+A | Helping Moms to Document Their Families

Twin Falls Photographer Classes

Are you a business owner bringing your visual marketing in house? Or do you possess artistic abilities but don’t know where to start as a photographer? Maybe you’re a Mom and photography is expensive. I can help you learn how to express yourself artistically.

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1:1 Mentorships

One on one mentorships are a great way to boost your skills as a photographer. During our time together, we’ll talk about many things. How to use a camera, proper lighting, shooting for print, legalities, marketing strategies and more.

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Beginner’s Classes

Beginner’s classes take place in an intimate group setting where we come together with our cameras to learn about how to take pictures. I have worked with business owners and Moms to help them understand the capabilities of their gear.

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Business Tips Q+a

A block of time to answer questions that you may have about various subjects. Photography, marketing, mini sessions, wedding photography, loss prevention, damage control, pricing & more.

Why help others?

Community > Competition

When my husband and I got married, our photographer lost all of our pictures. Once I was made aware of the situation, the photographer was very hard to get ahold of. After having been in the industry for over 5 years, I knew that this photographer was stuck, and this was uncharted waters for her, and me – if I’m being honest. I posted online about my experience, I was mostly asking for advice on how to handle the situation. I then was overwhelmed with messages from heartbroken brides that had endured the same thing from their wedding photographers. This opened my mind and my heart – it made me realize that there are important factors that should be noted when starting a photography business. Proper file handling, learning to shoot for print and asking the right questions to connect with the right clients are all something that I think photographers should know before taking their first client.

As a heartbroken bride, and a photographer – I am here to help.

Twin Falls Photographer Classes

Mentorships for photographers intending on starting a photography business comes with a set of obligations to our community. I would like to work with those, and teach the types of photographers that are going to build up the photography community in Twin Falls. Photographers looking to start a business should not charge less than $65 for sessions. Anything less is considered undercutting the local professionals. While you may be new to the industry, your time is worth it – always remember that.

Think of it this way; when you hire a cab driver and they charge you $40 to go to the airport – they are charging you for their time. As a photographer, you will be driving your vehicle to the location, taking the photos using your equipment, loading the images onto a computer and then editing the images for hours. All of this matters and plays a role in your pricing on top of taxes, liability insurance, equipment costs, and marketing fees. Please – price responsibly.