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Every family session includes the following poses; Family together, Children together, Individual children, Each parent with children, Parents together, Headshots for parents + any other requested poses.

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Lifestyle photography is a term used to explain a photography experience that focuses mostly on authentic details and interactions between people. This isn’t to say that we don’t use enhancements such as props or makeup, but instead – it is a way to document your own life and who you are. My clients tend to come back to me time and time again because they feel comfortable with me, the kids know me, and they like the fact that I always go out of my way to make sure that every photo is perfect. Arizona family photography sessions can take place just about anywhere you’d like. I have taken photos in Ice Cream shops, breweries, the local parks, doctor’s offices, hotels and more. I love the idea of normalizing photography for every occasion because it is just easier to hire someone than to try and take the photos on your own (especially if you lack the equipment or experience.)

Many of my clients are Arizona family photographers themselves, which is such a blessing – to be able to work with other creatives. I am very flexible to work with, I listen to what you want and how you’d like to be photographed. If you don’t already know what you prefer in pictures, we will try a variety of options to be sure and catch you at your perfect angle.

During  our time together, my goal is to work through a variety of poses and groupings so that we have a full gallery of images. I will prompt you to make silly faces and laugh, to evoke genuine emotion. Of course, we will also have the lightly posed smiling at the camera pictures too.

Some things to know about me; I work very quickly, this isn’t to rush your session and get on with my day. This is so that the interest in the session is maintained by all who are participating. Having fun is important to me because I believe that photography sessions are more than a chore, they are meant to be fun and while I am fully aware that some people might not want to take photos, I still try to make it enjoyable for them, so that the next time they have pictures taken whether it be by me or another skilled professional, they are excited and happy to take photos.

At the time of booking, you will receive a questionnaire – this is a great opportunity to go over any specific details, choose the image style that you like, and introduce your family to me. In addition, a contract, custom proposal and invoice will be sent to you.

Arizona Family Photographer


Arizona Family Photographer


Arizona Family Photographer


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