Twin Falls Wedding Planner

This is the biggest day of your life

Perfectly planned by the person documenting it



Planning with expertise in documenting lives.

If you’re hiring a wedding photographer of professional caliber, you’ll most likely already know that a photographer’s impact on your wedding day is monumental. These photos will be what stay with you and passed down through the generations of your legacy.

I have been a professional photographer for a long time. One of the things I hear all the time from other vendors is that the photographer runs the show – except, we don’t always have the opportunity to put a word in as far as the most important aspects of a wedding day – where the portraits will be taken, at what time and what details photograph the best.

We see a lot of weddings, and for a long time I wished that I had the opportunity to weigh in as far as vendor selection, colors and other details and then….

I had a “duh” moment –

There are certain times of the day that provide that gorgeous soft lighting that you see throughout my portfolio and believe it or not, some lighting can actually impact the way you look and make you appear older than you actually are. Most of the time, when the couple is searching for a photographer, these details have already been planned and contracts have been signed. I adore the clients that give me full range of motion over planning their day, but it dawned on me recently that I wasn’t giving more clients that opportunity – only those that have worked with me before in the past and know how important certain details are to make every session and every wedding magazine worthy.

So here I am, your Twin Falls Wedding Planner offering additional services to help make your dreams come true.

By offering wedding consultant and planning services, I can help couples to have the wedding they envision and make my job as their photographer easier. Already have a photographer? Not to worry – I also offer planning services as a standalone option too which will help your photographer achieve the shtos they need to present a detail filled gallery.

Twin Falls Wedding Planner

Why hire a wedding planner?

Events of all kinds can benefit greatly from hiring an expert for the planning and coordination of their big day.

| many weddings run behind schedule because enough time was not allocated to each piece of the day . As a photographer, I have an understanding of how much time is necessary to fulfil photography needs.

| wedding professionals without a doubt have a feel for vendors – because we work with them often. Who can we trust? Who offers a great deal and who might not deliver.

| having a planner saves you time and energy – helping you to be present for the fun parts of your day and skipping out on the not-so-fun parts.

| attention to detail paying attention to detail is the photographer’s job – we are trusted with the job of making sure that we are capturing your day so that you relive it every time you visit the wedding album, so making sure that every piece of the puzzle is in place is something that comes natural and stress free to us.

Twin Falls Wedding Planner


option one

Wedding Coordination

4 -8 weeks before your wedding day, we’ll come together to talk about the details you’ve planned so far. I’ll gather a list of your vendors to make sure that all is running smoothly on their end. We’ll create a schedule of events for the big day, with appropriate time allocation to the necessary events of your day. We’ll plan a rehearsal, and I’ll perform a final walkthrough of the ceremony and reception area prior to your arrival.

I’ll be there on your wedding day to oversee that things run according to the schedule and help with anything that you need.


option two

Wedding Design

 This package is for those that would like help with designing the overall concept of their big day. Together, we’ll gather a list of your wishes and take a look at color palettes to create a beautiful in person and photographic experience for you to enjoy years down the line. I will help select vendors, design floral, and locate special props or equipment that you may need.

On your wedding day, I’ll be there to help with set up and to ensure that everything has arrived according to plan.


option three

Wedding Planning

 This is the full package – with this option, we’ll start with your overall vision and your budget. From there, we’ll begin designing and planning your big day while combining option one + two for a master planned wedding.